Metrics in open-source projects

This is an interesting reading on choosing metrics for open-source software:

The EU plans to fight planned obsolescence 2

The European Union plans to address planned obsolescence. While the resolution was voted by the EU Parliament in 2017, and the implementation is still undefined, I think this is very important move, and it is relevant for a lot of modern devices, particularly electronics, but also home appliances. Want some […]

Happy 2019

I wish a happy new year to all my friends and colleagues, and I hope the new year will bring less divisions and a more rational and unite approach to the challenges we are facing.

Bug bounty program from the EU for FOSS

The European Union is starting a bug bounty program for key Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) used in the Union. Further details can be found here. This seems an excellent initiative to support broadly adopted free-software products, which hopefully will evolve in stable funding initiatives for relevant projects.

Link to WebGL course

A complete and very detailed course to learn WebGL from Xavier Bourry:

Contributing research work to open-source projects

As the main developer of OpenQBMM, an add-on for OpenFOAM which implements quadrature-based moment methods for the solution of generalized population balance equations, I have been recently involved in the transfer of the copyright on the OpenQBMM code base to the OpenFOAM Foundation, to be able to contribute the corresponding […]

Leaving social media 3

I have recently stopped using my personal social media accounts after several attempts to balance the use I had for them. My motivations are a quite complex mix of privacy concerns, tiredness of the social media bubble, in which too many seem to feel authorized to be unacceptably aggressive, serious […]

Developing for OpenFOAM on Windows 10 – Part 4 5

Customizing colors in the WSL terminal The default colors in the Ubuntu WSL terminal are not very readable. In particular, the blue color does not read well on the black background. While it is possible to customize colors in bash, a simpler workaround is to change colors using the Windows […]

Developing for OpenFOAM on Windows 10 – Part 3

Enabling support for graphical applications in WSL with Xming The Windows Subsystem for Linux does not officially support GUI applications. However, it is possible to successfully run several of them using a Windows-based X server as Xming. The steps to follow are simple: Download Xming (please, consider a donation to […]