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Dynamic Smagorinsky model updated

Almost eleven years ago, I implemented a version of the dynamic Smagorinsky model of Lilly (1992) into OpenFOAM® and I still receive many requests of a reference where this code has been used, which is quite interesting because I have not implemented the model to do any specific research work, but because back then OpenFOAM used to have a quite strange implementation of the dynamic Smagorinsky model, whose coefficient was averaged on the entire domain volume. 

This implementation was stuck until now to OpenFOAM 2.x until now. Today I have ported it to OpenFOAM v2012, and the code is available on GitHub. As soon as it is better tested, a release for the latest version will appear.

Since the request of citing this model still comes from time to time, I have added a DOI using Zenodo, which is visible in the README file for the repository. 

Note that the test case is the tutorial which came with OpenFOAM, and is provided for demonstration purposes only. Verify and validate before trusting the implementation 🙂

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