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Extended second-order moment advection scheme

I made the OpenQBMM implementation of the second-order realizable zeta scheme for moment advection more general. The previous implementation [2] was specific for moments of distributions supported over the positive real line, making the implementation of the scheme not suitable for moments of distributions with compact support, such as the PDF of the mixture fraction used in turbulent mixing and combustion models.

However, the original paper of Nguyen and Laurent [1] proposes a straightforward extension to the case of compact support, which is now made available in OpenQBMM.  For simplicity, the implementation considers only the support [0, 1], without loss of generality.

The implementation is currently available in the branch of OpenQBMM and will be merged in the next release. To use it, issue the following commands:

  • git clone
  • cd OpenQBMM
  • git checkout -b origin/

and build OpenQBMM by issuing the usual ./Allwmake command.

Enjoy and if you experience problems, please, open an issue on the OpenQBMM issue tracker. 😀

[1] F. Laurent, T.T. Nguyen, Realizable second-order finite-volume schemes for the advection of moment sets of the particle size distribution, Journal of Computational Physics. 337 (2017) 309–338.
[2] A. Passalacqua, F. Laurent, R.O. Fox, A second-order realizable scheme for moment advection on unstructured grids, Computer Physics Communications. 248 (2020) 106993.

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