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    Extended second-order moment advection scheme

    I made the OpenQBMM implementation of the second-order realizable zeta scheme for moment advection more general. The previous implementation [2] was specific for moments of distributions supported over the positive real line, making the implementation of the scheme not suitable for moments of distributions with compact support, such as the PDF of the mixture fraction used in turbulent mixing and combustion models. However, the original paper of Nguyen and Laurent [1] proposes a straightforward extension to the case of compact support, which is now made available in OpenQBMM.Ā  For simplicity, the implementation considers only the support [0, 1], without loss of generality. The implementation is currently available in the development-openfoam.com…

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    Bye bye social media. For good, this time.

    Some time ago, I took a break from social media and then gave them another try. Today I deleted my account on the only generalist social medium I have consistently used. Social media have proven to be excessively powerful tools, out of the control of governments, institutions, people who use them. They have not been sufficiently regulated, have dodged rules some governments have long tried to impose on them, and have become, also thanks to their slow response and inaction, a mean of dissemination of ideas that are far from positive and constructive, as recent events have shown, not for the first time. It has been interesting to request my…

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    Merry Christmas and Happy 2021

    It has been a difficult year for many of us: some had to face illness and some are not among us anymore, others suffered losses, and many are struggling while they try managing a situation we imagined possible but were hardly unprepared to live. In times like these, spending time with the people we love matters even more than usual. Particularly for our elderly, who are more isolated due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, which keep them safe but also make them feel lonelier. Call them, particularly in these days, when loneliness hits them harder. Take time to do it often and don’t rush your calls. It does…

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    The EU plans to fight planned obsolescence

    The European Union plans to address planned obsolescence. While the resolution was voted by the EU Parliament in 2017, and the implementation is still undefined, I think this is very important move, and it is relevant for a lot of modern devices, particularly electronics, but also home appliances. Want some examples? Try to replace the battery of an electrical toothbrush or of a smartphone without causing any damage.

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    Happy 2019

    I wish a happy new year to all my friends and colleagues, and I hope the new year will bring less divisions and a more rational and unite approach to the challenges we are facing.

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    Bug bounty program from the EU for FOSS

    The European Union is starting a bug bounty program for key Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) used in the Union. Further details can be found here. This seems an excellent initiative to support broadly adopted free-software products, which hopefully will evolve in stable funding initiatives for relevant projects.