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Bye bye social media. For good, this time.

Some time ago, I took a break from social media and then gave them another try. Today I deleted my account on the only generalist social medium I have consistently used.

Social media have proven to be excessively powerful tools, out of the control of governments, institutions, people who use them. They have not been sufficiently regulated, have dodged rules some governments have long tried to impose on them, and have become, also thanks to their slow response and inaction, a mean of dissemination of ideas that are far from positive and constructive, as recent events have shown, not for the first time.

It has been interesting to request my account data (1.7 GB, including pictures, for someone with 32k tweets over a bit over 11 years) and explore them. No big surprise there: we all know social media do track people and profit from what we share and how we interact with their platform. However, the level of disclosure in the privacy information is certainly not as explicit as, in my opinion, it should be, judging by the data stored in my archive and the time-span they cover.

This means some more time to work on interesting things and more blog posts. Stay tuned. 🙂