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    Developing for OpenFOAM on Windows 10 – Part 1

    Installing WSL on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update The following steps illustrate how to install the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on Windows 10 Falls Creators Update. The procedure is slightly different from previous versions of WSL, because the possibility of using different distributions was added in this update. Each distribution can be obtained from the Microsoft Store. The first step consists in launching the tool to add extra features to Windows 10. This tool can be found by pressing Win + S, and typing “Features”. The menu will show the icon in the figure. In the tool, scroll down and select “Windows Subsystem for Linux”. Check the box, and…

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    Developing for OpenFOAM on Windows 10 – Introduction

    Windows 10 comes with the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), which allows different Linux distributions to run under Windows. Currently Ubuntu, openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server are available in the Microsoft Store, with Fedora expected to become available soon. When I started considering the option of ceasing the development of GeekoCFD, I have started exploring the possibility of using WSL for my development work. I am still testing this, and my virtual machine with openSUSE is still there. However, WSL looks promising. Thus, I thought of sharing the steps I have followed to set up my test environment, with a few tweaks to improve the experience. I have divided…

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    OpenSSH client and server in Windows 10

    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update added support for OpenSSH client and server. The two components are packaged separately, and can be installed as optional features. The following instructions show how to install OpenSSH server. Identical steps allow OpenSSH client to be installed. Open the Windows search menu with Win + S and start typing “Apps and Features”. You will see the corresponding page of Settings appear in the options. Select it. Apps and features will open. Select “Manage optional features”: In the next screen, choose “Add feature”:  Finally, scroll the list, and select “OpenSSH Server (beta)” if you want the server. Pick the client if you want the client (not…

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    Goodbye GeekoCFD

    I created GeekoCFD (first release on September 2nd, 2010) with the idea of simplifying the adoption of openSUSE for computing and, in particular, for computational fluid dynamics. It included one of the most popular open-source tools for computational fluid dynamics, OpenFOAM®, computer algebra systems such as octave and wxMaxima, and integrated development environments as Eclipse, in addition to a set libraries commonly used in HPC. At the time when I started to work on GeekoCFD, these packages were either not available on openSUSE, or difficult to build on it, while they were readily available on competing distributions. SUSE Studio, a web-based and user-friendly tool to build customizes Linux images in…

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    GeekoCFD – Status update

    Currently, GeekoCFD images are not available on SUSE Studio, and an error 500 page is shown. I am looking into the cause of this. This may be related to the migration of SUSE Studio to Studio Express. Please, stay tuned for status updates. Updates (reverse chronological order) Latest update, Dec. 26th, 2017: GeekoCFD project ends. See the announcement. Update Dec 8th, 2017: It was announced that SUSE Studio will be shutdown on Feb. 15th, 2018. Official announcement from Studio developers here. Update Dec. 2nd, 2017: The migration of GeekoCFD to the Studio Express infrastructure is still ongoing. At the moment, several attempts to perform the migration have not been successful…

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    Open science and free software licenses

    There is growing pressure in the scientific community, and in particular among scientist who heavily rely on computations, towards providing open access to the result of research. This is considered, on one hand, key to the production of reproducible science, and, on the other hand, it is seen as a way to improve the impact of the scientific results, by allowing other scientist to use these results in their own research, potentially leading to further progress. I would argue these are the basics of scientific research, but, unfortunately, it is too common to encounter journal articles which do not provide the required level of detail for a complete re-implementation of…

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    Protecting tweets and removing unknown followers

    I have decided to protect the tweets of my personal Twitter account to limit the amount of followers completely unrelated to my interests. I have also removed many followers (not blocked, just forced to unfollow my account by blocking and then unblocking). I had over 500 followers, and I reduced the number to 165. If you believe I removed you by mistake, feel free to follow me again, and I will be asked to approve your requests.

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    GeekoCFD 7.1.0 now available!

    I am pleased to announce the availability of GeekoCFD 7.0.1. This release brings updated packages to GeekoCFD, and is based on openSUSE Leap 42.1, as GeekoCFD 7.0.0. The following major changes were made: Updated packages OpenFOAM® 3.0.x from the OpenFOAM Foundation gmsh 2.13.1 eclipse neon System changes Removed custom configuration of the installer (control.xml) because now unnecessary. Thanks to Carlos F. Lange, who reported this to me. Enjoy 🙂 This offering is not approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Limited, the producer of the OpenFOAM software and owner of the OPENFOAM® and OpenCFD® trade marks. Alberto Passalacqua is not associated to OpenCFD Ltd.

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    GeekoCFD 7.0.0 is here!

    I am pleased to announce the availability of GeekoCFD 7.0.0. This release is based on openSUSE Leap 42.1, the new release of openSUSE based on the core of SUSE Linux Enterprise, and enjoys long-term support (and a beautiful artwork!). GeekoCFD 7.0.0 also brings the following major changes: Updated features UEFI and secure boot support enabled on USB disk images and Live DVD (not virtual formats). This change may make the specified images unbootable on systems which do not support UEFI and secure boot. Updated packages OpenFOAM® 3.0.x from the OpenFOAM Foundation gmsh 2.11.0 eclipse mars 1 Removed packages meshlab (no maintainer for the RPM) petsc (updated versions can be easily…