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OpenSSH client and server in Windows 10

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update added support for OpenSSH client and server. The two components are packaged separately, and can be installed as optional features. The following instructions show how to install OpenSSH server. Identical steps allow OpenSSH client to be installed.

  1. Open the Windows search menu with Win + S and start typing “Apps and Features”. You will see the corresponding page of Settings appear in the options. Select it.
  2. Apps and features will open. Select “Manage optional features”:
  3. In the next screen, choose “Add feature”: 
  4. Finally, scroll the list, and select “OpenSSH Server (beta)” if you want the server. Pick the client if you want the client (not shown in the figure because already installed on my system). The “Install” button will appear: press it to proceed with the installation.
  5. You will need to reboot Windows after the installation to have access to the OpenSSH commands in Powershell and from the command prompt.

Enjoy  :mrgreen: