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GeekoCFD 4.0.0 released

GeekoCFD 4.0.0 is now available for download from SUSE Gallery. The release is based on the recently released openSUSE 12.2, and relies on updated versions of all major applications and system components. The most important changes and additional features are: Updated version of OpenFOAM® 2.1.x (x > 1, Including commit […]

GeekoCFD 3.1.0 released

GeekoCFD 3.1.0 and GeekoCFD Text Mode 3.1.0  are now available. This is a mantenance release, which updates OpenFOAM® at the current 2.1.x version from the git repository, and includes security updates from openSUSE. This offering is not approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Limited, the producer of the OpenFOAM software and […]

GeekoCFD 3.0.0. released 1

I am pleased to announce the release of GeekoCFD 3.0.0, the live distribution for CFD based on openSUSE 12.1 – 64 bit. Among the most important changes compared to the previous version (2.2.0), we have: OpenFOAM upgraded to version 2.1.x OpenFOAM ThirdParty package upgraded to 2.1.x Upgraded packages according to […]

openSUSE guide

Looking for a clear guide to openSUSE? Take a look at, maintained by Martin Schlander. The openSUSE guide website provides clear and concise instructions to set-up most of the aspect of an openSUSE workstation, from the installation to the setup of accelerated video cards and samba shares. You can […]

GeekoCFD updated, GeekoCFD text mode released 4

I am pleased to announce the release of GeekoCFD 2.2.0, which brings an updated image with OpenFOAM® 2.0.x (x >= 1), an updated ThirdParty package for OpenFOAM and openSUSE security updates, including Firefox 5. The images can be downloaded from SUSE Studio. Additionally, GeekoCFD 2.2.0 brings a smaller version: GeekoCFD […]

GeekoCFD 2.1 now available

GeekoCFD 2.1 is now available in SUSE Gallery. This is a minor release, which provides the new version of Eclipse Indigo with CDT, instead of Eclipse Helios with CDT.Users who downloaded version 2.0.3 and are not interested in the latest version of Eclipse, can ignore this release, or, if they […]