Great service Netsons!

This blog is hosted on a professional hosting service (Linux-based, of course 😉 ) offered by Netsons, an Italian hosting provider which operates in Italy and Europe. I would like to thank them for the highly professional and extremely fast service they offer. Recently my account had a minor glitch […]

Let’s help Bryen replace his equipment!

A friend, and openSUSE board member, Bryen, also known as suseROCKs on the openSUSE network, has been robbed of his 17” laptop, an Amazon Kindle, 1 TB external hard drive, and his camera and lenses while traveling in Spain. These tools are very important to him, since he is almost […]

Sintel is out

The Blender foundation, which develops the well known Blender software for modeling, animation, and 3D graphics, announced the availability of Sintel, a new movie realized with their software. Definitely worth a look (it is also on YouTube). If you enjoy the movie, you might want to consider buying the DVD, […]

New look and updates

It has been a while since I changed look to my blog, so I’m trying some new theme. Also, the Works and CV pages have been updated, and a page on CFD, with some details on my work is coming. 🙂

OpenOffice extensions for authors and scientists is the reference office suite for the open source community, and its adoption has been increasing (see here and here, for example) thanks to its complete implementation of the standard ISO OpenDocument format and the good compatibility with commercial formats. offers the possibility of extending the functionality of […]