PHP problems

My blog had some problems due to a PHP update performed by my host which broke the wordpress theme in use. I replaced the theme with a temporary one while I find a solution. I hope this does not cause too many troubles!

Cybook Orizon…impressive! 3

After a long search, I have finally bought an e-book reader, a Bookeen® Cybook® Orizon®. I have read a lot of positive comments about Bookeen e-readers, about the quality of their e-ink screens and of the ease of use of their e-book readers. Why a Cybook? There are many reasons: […]

Great service Netsons!

This blog is hosted on a professional hosting service (Linux-based, of course 😉 ) offered by Netsons, an Italian hosting provider which operates in Italy and Europe. I would like to thank them for the highly professional and extremely fast service they offer. Recently my account had a minor glitch […]

Let’s help Bryen replace his equipment!

A friend, and openSUSE board member, Bryen, also known as suseROCKs on the openSUSE network, has been robbed of his 17” laptop, an Amazon Kindle, 1 TB external hard drive, and his camera and lenses while traveling in Spain. These tools are very important to him, since he is almost […]

Sintel is out

The Blender foundation, which develops the well known Blender software for modeling, animation, and 3D graphics, announced the availability of Sintel, a new movie realized with their software. Definitely worth a look (it is also on YouTube). If you enjoy the movie, you might want to consider buying the DVD, […]