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    Contributing research work to open-source projects

    As the main developer of OpenQBMM, an add-on for OpenFOAM which implements quadrature-based moment methods for the solution of generalized population balance equations, I have been recently involved in the transfer of the copyright on the OpenQBMM code base to the OpenFOAM Foundation, to be able to contribute the corresponding source code to them. I summarize here some motivations, lessons learned and some advice that may be useful to others who want to follow the same path. Why contribute? This is a question several have asked. Why contribute a code base that took four years of work to be build (and quite some nights, holiday, weekends too), including research, overcoming…

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    Leaving social media

    I have recently stopped using my personal social media accounts after several attempts to balance the use I had for them. My motivations are a quite complex mix of privacy concerns, tiredness of the social media bubble, in which too many seem to feel authorized to be unacceptably aggressive, serious concerns about the role social media platforms are playing in our society, and their slow, often only cosmetic, response to address these concerns, and lack of actual need to use them. Discussing these aspects could be an interesting topic for a series of blog posts or for a conversation in the future. For now, if you want to stay in…

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    Developing for OpenFOAM on Windows 10 – Part 4

    Customizing colors in the WSL terminal The default colors in the Ubuntu WSL terminal are not very readable. In particular, the blue color does not read well on the black background. While it is possible to customize colors in bash, a simpler workaround is to change colors using the Windows settings. To do this, click on the Ubuntu logo in the top-left corner of the WSL terminal window, and select Properties. This will open a dialog box with the specific settings to customize the launcher of the Ubuntu WSL terminal: Choose the “Colors” tab, and set: Screen text: Black Screen background: White Popup background: leave unchanged (purple) Popup background: White…

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    Developing for OpenFOAM on Windows 10 – Part 3

    Enabling support for graphical applications in WSL with Xming The Windows Subsystem for Linux does not officially support GUI applications. However, it is possible to successfully run several of them using a Windows-based X server as Xming. The steps to follow are simple: Download Xming (please, consider a donation to support the developer!) for your version of Windows Install it accepting the default settings Open the Ubuntu bash terminal and type echo "export DISPLAY=:0" >> .bashrc Load the settings with the command: source ~/.bashrc Test the setup as follows: Start the Xming server on Windows. An icon will appear in the notification areas Type paraview in the Ubuntu bash terminal.…

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    Open science and free software licenses

    There is growing pressure in the scientific community, and in particular among scientist who heavily rely on computations, towards providing open access to the result of research. This is considered, on one hand, key to the production of reproducible science, and, on the other hand, it is seen as a way to improve the impact of the scientific results, by allowing other scientist to use these results in their own research, potentially leading to further progress. I would argue these are the basics of scientific research, but, unfortunately, it is too common to encounter journal articles which do not provide the required level of detail for a complete re-implementation of…

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    Protecting tweets and removing unknown followers

    I have decided to protect the tweets of my personal Twitter account to limit the amount of followers completely unrelated to my interests. I have also removed many followers (not blocked, just forced to unfollow my account by blocking and then unblocking). I had over 500 followers, and I reduced the number to 165. If you believe I removed you by mistake, feel free to follow me again, and I will be asked to approve your requests.

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    WEP Workshop at KAUST

    Last week I had the opportunity of visiting KAUST, and take part to the Winter Enrichment Program, organizing a seminar on Open-Source Software for Computational Engineering with a colleague and friend Matteo Icardi, who was my host at KAUST. It was a wonderful experience, KAUST is an impressive campus, and the students were very interested in how to use free and open-source software to solve complex engineering problems. We talked about the founding principles of free software, and of the differences in comparison to open-source software. Then we had an introduction to engineering tools. A lot of fun! Thank you for the opportunity!