Some update on twoPhaseEulerPimpleFoam

The development of twoPhaseEulerPimpleFoam proceeds well, and a good number of milestones, including

  • Implementation of the conservative form of the momentum equation
  • Implementation of the partial elimination algorithm
  • Stabilization of the algorithm in the dense limit
  • Boundary conditions for the particle phase
  • Electrostatic model

have been completed, and are under testing (they are not released yet to the public). Further information is available on the Extend project (You need an account to see this page).

At the moment the only released development is represented by the implementation of the Johnson and Jackson boundary conditions, developed by Juho Peltola and me. They are available in my git repository. These boundary conditions work also with the standard twoPhaseEulerFoam released with OpenFOAM® 1.7.x.

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