Let’s help Bryen replace his equipment!

A friend, and openSUSE board member, Bryen, also known as suseROCKs on the openSUSE network, has been robbed of his 17” laptop, an Amazon Kindle, 1 TB external hard drive, and his camera and lenses while traveling in Spain. These tools are very important to him, since he is almost blind and deaf, and he needs them to be able to perform activities we give for granted. Stephen Shaw from Novell/openSUSE organized a fund raiser to be able to help our friend at least a bit. If you can, donate here.

Click here to lend your support to: Replace Bryen

Thanks 😀

Update: As you can notice from the counter above, donations exceeded the established goal! Bryen decided to donate the amount of money exceeding 2000$ to the GNOME-Accessibility project. Thanks for all your help, also from me. 🙂