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OpenFOAM Live USB with SUSE Studio

I have recently prepared an OpenFOAM(r) Live USB image using SUSE Studio to try Studio functionalites, and I was really impressed by the ease of use, the clean interface and its capabilities. You find a detailed description of what I did in the slides I prepared. In the slides you will see how to build a personalized version of openSUSE, add OpenFOAM to it and complete the system with some CFD tools like NETGEN and enGrid. In the end, the system is tested in real time on SUSE Studio servers.

The compressed image (64 bit only at the moment) can be downloaded from here. After expanding it, you can write it on your USB pendrive with the command, given as root,

sudo dd if=/home/geeko/myappliance.raw of=/dev/sdb bs=4k

assuming the image is in /home/geeko and the destination device is /dev/sdb

Note that, at the moment, due to a problem in the live-installer, the live installer might not work properly. It should be fixed soon however.

A discussion on the OpenFOAM discussion board was started here.

Finally, thanks to Nat and FCastelli at Novell for the encouragment in preparing the presentation. You’re doing an awesome job with Studio!

Update – July 22nd – A Live-DVD ISO image (installable) is available here.

Update – July 28th – A live DVD ISO image with KDE 3.5 is available here.

Update – November 30th – Currently the images linked above are not available because I removed them from my SUSE Studio account. Soon (as in, as soon as openSUSE 11.2 will be available on SUSE Studio) I will prepare images with openSUSE 11.2 and make them available.


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  • Ionut

    wow, thanks for remembering how great is SuseStudio. I think is time to build a live image with a lot of scientific software :).

  • Antonio Martins

    Hi alberto,

    Tried to download the live OpenFoam versions in SuseStudio. Got error files not found. Can you send please the correct links.


    António Martins

  • rkoeppl

    Great work. I am currently working on a new OpenSuSE based Distribution for scientific use and open foam will definitely be included. The project page is currently only available in German, but we will translate it soon. It can be fount at
    We will include code aster, code saturne, open foam, scilab, calculix and salome, maybe some more, we are opeen for ideas and contribution.
    We started just a week ago,so we are in a very early stage indeed yet.

    • Alberto


      currently those ISO’s are not available anymore. They were hosted on SUSE Studio, and I kept them there for a as long as I could, then I had to remove them for space reasons.

      I am waiting they make openSUSE 11.2 available on SUSE Studio (This should happen very soon, since I know the SUSE people is working on that), to build updated ISO’s and make them available permanently. I will post the link here.

      With kind regards,

  • a515

    Hi, is there any progress about live usb Openfoam? could you give updated links. Thank you for your efforts. i am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    best regards.