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Decision taken: openSUSE defaults to KDE

The openSUSE management took the decision of pre-selecting KDE as default desktop environment. This will be done by pre-selecting the KDE radio button in the current desktop selection screen, presented to the user at installation time.

What does this mean? Nothing, for many users absolutely nothing. If a user will click “next” in the selection screen, KDE will be installed by default, but it will be possible to select GNOME with a simple click. The only thing this long and frustrating discussion showed are the old tensions in the community about a question that should have been considered as resolved long ago, in the interest of the community itself. Old time users and some KDE developers preferred to push their view instead of keeping a neutral default, and this was accepted by the management, which should have simply ignored the suggestion or, if KDE is actually considered the desktop of choice, should have just made it an actual default, making of openSUSE a KDE distribution, with a hidden option to use GNOME. In other words, another formal decision without any positive impact on the distribution.

Edit: It seems I’m not alone to think in this way. See here.