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Adobe Reader 8 plugin for Firefox on openSUSE 10.3 64 bit

I recently upgraded Adobe Reader to the latest version available on Adobe’s site, and I lost Firefox embedded reader for PDF’s. On 64 bit systems, openSUSE adopts the nspluginwrapper plugin to be able to use 32 bit plugins for Firefox. As a consequence, a little of configuration is necessary when upgrading Adobe Reader. The steps are the following:


  • Install Adobe Reader 8 from using the RPM.
  • Open a terminal as root (use the su command and insert root’s password) and type: ln /opt/Adobe/Reader8/Browser/intellinux/ /usr/lib/browser-plugins/ This will create a symbolic link to the plugin library.
  • In the same terminal, type: nspluginwrapper -i /opt/Adobe/Reader8/Browser/intellinux/ to configure the plugin with nspluginwrapper.

Enjoy! 🙂